Randy Selzer, Sutton Summit Realty

Sherry is a great mortgage person to know... she is friendly, approachable, and has vast knowledge and experience in the industry. The customers who I have referred to her have all had positive things to say, and she is a trusted resource for my real estate business. 


Sherry is an excellent Mortgage Advisor. She was pivotal in making our big move happen and we consider ourselves lucky to have found her. She really knows her stuff, is friendly and very prompt with getting back to us with the right answers in a timely manner (which is rare these days!) For anyone looking for a mortgage advisor you can depend on, look no further!

erik r.

I have known and worked with Sherry for approx 15yrs and have followed her from TD, to an independent and to Scotia. Literally, my mortgage has gone where Sherry has gone. Sherry has never simply given me the popular opinion when in comes to finances but rather custom advice based on various market conditions and my personal comfort level. In doing so, Sherry has literally saved me thousands in interest and helped me pay off my principle faster. I have referred Sherry multiple times and friends and family have always raved about Sherry’s sound advice and willingness to help. I would highly, highly recommend Sherry for help with your personal or business finances. She’s a real professional that knows the business and markets inside and out. You cannot go wrong. 

Tammy M.

The fact that Sherry was able to provide around the clock financial advisement was made her so exceptional to me. It would have been impossible to do everything that we did under so many timing constraints, yet, Sherry was there. I would recommend her in a heart beat.


Sherry will take the extra steps to secure a mortgage for her client. She is very experienced and detail oriented. Let her use her expertise to work for you.


For many years now, Sherry has been my go to person in the mortgage world. Always on top of the latest changes in rules and regulations, she is a resource of knowledge and experience. Sherry has many years of success in her field and is always willing to help in any way she can. Sherry helps her clients secure the right product for their unique personal financial situation. I have in the past and will continue to recommend Sherry to my family, friends and clients.